Digital technology has changed a lot about how businesses operate, and law firms are no exception. As a lawyer, effective communication and collaboration are at the heart of what you do. Law firm video conferencing software has improved how the legal field works by creating the possibility of virtual meetings. This has saved lawyers and clients a lot of money and time. All you need is a reliable video conferencing application that has a full set of features like the TRIVOH app.

Here are various benefits of a legal video conferencing application.

1. Reliable channel for communication

Poor communication can lead to wastage of time and resources, which is why our video conferencing application is designed to make sure that no elements interfere with your connection.

Whether you want to reach out to your client, a member of your law firm, or anyone else, you can rely on this virtual application for a quick connection. Besides having the ability to receive real-time video, Trivoh also allows for high quality audio, as well as private text chat communication methods.

2. Hold court arraignments

Conducting court arraignments with Trivoh App is another way to save time in your legal work. An arraignment is likely to be a successful experience for your clients. Therefore, you may want to meet them in advance to prepare them for the court arraignment experience. In addition to preparing clients for the court arraignment, prepare yourself for the session as well. For example, you might ask a few colleagues to act as your lawyer during the call.

3. Get witnesses into the room

Tracking down witnesses to participate in a legal proceeding is difficult. For example, expert witnesses may be busy with other projects and may not be available when you need them. In other cases, witnesses for a criminal trial may fear being in the same room as the accused person. In these situations, legal video solutions can help in a few ways.

Legal video app reduces the need for travel time. By giving witnesses the option to testify from a comfortable place like their home, they may be more willing to participate. For example, they may be willing to join a 30-minute court appearance if they do not incur travel expenses.

What if your jurisdiction has limits on legal video meetings? In this case, video conferencing can still play a valuable role. Specifically, you can organize preparation meetings with a witness by video conferencing. Furthermore, you may want to offer a post-court appearance video conferencing call as well. Remember that witnesses may be anxious about giving evidence and facing the pressure of cross-examination.

4. Attend legal webinar

Webinars are a powerful way to share insights internally and advance your professional development activities. Some law firms regularly hire law students and new lawyers each year. These new hires may struggle to learn how your firm operates unless you provide training. This can be easily done on the Trivoh App, where by you can schedule training time and also put them in groups so as to assess them. Offering a new lawyer orientation training webinar is a great way to bring new people up to speed and invite questions.

5. Increases Productivity

Large law firms spend countless hours tracking clients who work overseas in order to complete their legal tasks. Others are forced to travel to various destinations for such clients, and as a result, the firm ends up spending quite a bit of valuable time on travel. However, through a law firm video conferencing solution, firms can cut down on these events, leading to an increase in the firms’ productivity – the time used to travel can be utilized to solve other legal matters that are much more important. Whether your clients work overseas or spend most of their time travelling, you can be sure that you will be able to get in touch in with them more easily and avoid the necessity of travel by using a video conferencing application such as TRIVOH.

We have listed some of the benefits of video conferencing for lawyers. By using our legal video conferencing App – TRIVOH, we are confident that you will increase the productivity of your law firm, as well as make it possible to communicate in a much more timely manner, while spending far less time travelling or stuck in traffic.

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