Telecommuting is not a new idea, some industries have been utilizing aspects of this model for years. However, recently it’s become popular due to COVID-19 outbreak.

COVID-19’s impact has left all of us with one question: Can I work from home or am I forever stuck to my workplace? Quarantines, lockdowns, and self-imposed isolation have pushed a lot of companies around the world to work from home. Most companies and industries reinvent themselves and shift to a remote work model in order to survive & be able to operate as normally as they could without putting their employees at risk.

With the rise of new technology and softwares that allow businesses from all over the world to shift to a telecommuting work model, working remotely is becoming our new normal. As the day goes by, more and more companies/people are getting use to this method, discovering it advantages, and knowing that working from home is not only possible but also beneficial to them.


1. Flexibility in your working hours

One of the biggest advantage of telecommuting is flexible work hours, where employees get to create a work schedule that’s most conducive to them and  finding the times of the day when they are most productive, many feel more productive in the early morning, while others get their best work done late at night. . This can help you schedule urgent projects during your best times and less important tasks throughout other times of your workday.

A flexible schedule also makes it easier to do other things like spending time with family members, school drop-offs and pick-ups, and other personal tasks that usually get in the way of a typical 9 to 5 job.

Remote black employee having video conference working from home sitting in living room late night. Freelancer using technology network wireless talking on virtual meeting at midnight doing overtime

2. Increases Productivity

Human beings tend to be better at completing and focusing on their tasks when they have the freedom to choose where they’ll be working and designate the schedule for those tasks. Employees and employers both benefit from the increased productivity levels working remotely provides. Employees who telecommute for their jobs typically have fewer distractions in their home offices and can get more done in a day.

3. Reduces Movement stress

Most people have their homes far from their offices, some spend over an hour on their way to the office and another one on the way back home. Working from home means not having to designate part of your time to transportation, not only do people not have to transport themselves to work, but with the rise of efficient video-conferencing and remote communication tools, business trips are becoming unnecessary.

4. Better Health outcome

Stressful lifestyle with a busy schedule isn’t the best for worker’s mental health.

Telecommuting greatly reduces all the stress associated with an office setting, people don’t stress over the rush hour traffic when driving to the office, they don’t stress over being late, or getting distracted multiple times & not being able to finish their job. The elimination of driving to work provides many employees/employers with more time to spend engaging in healthy activities like fitness routines, sports and other hobbies. Additionally, the improvement in employees’ healthy lifestyles also leads to less time and money spent on doctor visits because of illness and reduces sick leaves taking from work in a year.

5. Reduces company spending cost

Business owners are always looking for ways to keep their costs to a minimum. For instance, in a typical organization or corporation, there are costs like utilities, supplies, equipment, hiring resources, training resources, traveling expenses, organizing seminars and more. With telecommuting, employers can cut back on some of the costs they would otherwise incur as part of operating a physical business.


Every day, more and more businesses are shifting online and implementing all the telecommuting technologies into their work models. Working remotely is no longer just a trend, it has become a new way of life with which everybody seems to be happier.

Telecommuting and the benefits that come with it like having flexibility in business communications are making employees and their employers know that there’s no reason to be stressed all the time about work, and that having a job can be perfectly balanced with other aspects of their life. Start up your company remotely today with our Telecommuting app TRIVOH, to enjoy this benefits and many more.