Strengthening connections: strengthening relationships amongst remote team members

Strengthening connections: strengthening relationships amongst remote team members

In today’s digitally-driven age, the prevalence of remote work has significantly increased, allowing teams to collaborate across different locations and time zones. While the benefits of remote work are numerous, building and maintaining relationships with remote team members can pose unique challenges. Moreover, with the advent of video conferencing, teams now have a powerful tool at their disposal to bridge the distance and foster stronger connections.

What do we mean by remote teams?

Also known as distributed teams or virtual teams, have become increasingly common in the modern workplace. But what exactly are remote teams? According to Forbes:

“A remote team is a group of employees, freelancers, and independent contractors who work together from different locations across the country or globe”.

Remote teams rely heavily on technology and online tools rather than in-person interactions to communicate, collaborate, and accomplish their shared goals.

Video conferencing plays a vital role in fostering relationships with remote team members by facilitating face-to-face interactions, bridging the physical distance that separates them. Enabling team members to foster rapport, establish trust, and cultivate a deeper understanding amongst the team members.

How Do Remote Teams Stay Connected?

While remote teams enable new levels of flexibility, they also require specific tools and techniques to enable effective collaboration:

  • Video conferencing helps recreate in-person interactions and body language. People can see each other’s expressions, gestures, and body language which create a sense of presence and authenticity. This strengthens relationships and communication.
  • Collaboration platforms like Slack, Asana, and Trello streamline processes and transparency.
  • File sharing apps make relevant information readily available to all team members.
  • Plus, regular online social events bring the team together in a casual setting.

With the right practices, process and tools remote teams can build trust, align on goals, and perform just as well as traditional, co-located teams. Also, the remote structure empowers companies to build productive and satisfied teams beyond geographic boundaries.

One of the tools to help strengthen your remote teams’ relationship is Video conferencing as it facilitates more effective communication compared to other forms of remote communication, such as email or instant messaging. It enables immediate feedback, clarifications, and real-time collaboration, thereby minimising the likelihood of miscommunication or misunderstandings.

Here are some proven best tactics to foster connection with your remote team virtually by video conferencing:

Schedule quality virtual Face Time

  • Host regular video conferences that enable employees to talk face-to-face. Seeing facial cues and body language is key for developing bonds.
  • Supplement work status meetings with informal virtual get-togethers. This allow for more casual conversations and personal updates.

Organise online fun-filled Social Events

  • Fun virtual activities like remote coffee morning or breaks, happy hours, or games nights give distributed team members a chance to interact socially.
  • Occasional informal gatherings make space for chatter beyond work topics, leads to deeper mutual understanding.

Leverage digital tools to stay Connected

  • Create dedicated chat channels and forums for non-work topics to allow employees to exchange personal updates and bond.
  • Display digital photos of remote workers to make virtual interactions feel more human and personal.

In summary, video conferencing has brought about a significant transformation in the way teams establish and nurture relationships with remote team members. By enabling teams to have that face-to-face interactions, enabling informal interactions through activities such as Team coffee morning, team games night etc. thereby helping teams to bridge the distance and foster strong connections.

By using Trivoh video conferencing App, remote teams can establish a cohesive and collaborative work environment, fostering a strong sense of value and connection among all team members, regardless of their geographical location.

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