Video calls shouldn’t be any more stressful than the average business meeting. If your whole team is suffering from meeting fatigue, try using video engagement features to capture their interest:

1. Getting people to talk

Start your meeting by getting everyone involved. It does not have to be anything lengthy; it just must involve everyone. An example would be everyone saying their name and one thing about them.

2. State Goals and Intentions

It is important to state the goals and intentions of the meetings clearly. If everyone is not on the same page, you will likely not accomplish everything you need to. Not only should you discuss this at the beginning of the meeting, but regularly reaffirm it throughout the meeting to ensure you are staying on track.

3. Video chat

Chat box is a handy place for meeting attendees to post ad hoc questions, interact with each other, and share links, all without interrupting the speaker’s flow.

4. Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms allow users to host individual sessions away from the online crowd. It can also help participants work on group project during an online training workshop. Employees are able to discuss important issues and focus on individual gaps in a more private space, instead of trying to broach sensitive topics during the main event where a large crowd is listening.

5. Use Contests

You can share them into group and give them a task to solve, you can get the competitive fire burning with some compelling contests. For example, trivia about the company, competitors, or clients is a good way to test the knowledge of your team and have everyone learn important information that they may not have previously known.  Then you can attach a little price to it.

6. Personal Conversation

Don’t just make it all about company’s work, problem solving and work issue all them time. Create space maybe the last few minutes before the meeting end for non-work related talk to help with remote team building and also foster relationship between workers.

7. Multimedia sharing

The ability to easily share a presentation, play a video clip, or pre-recorded audio and even your screen will make your meetings more dynamic and keep your audience alert and active. The more visuals a presentation or meeting has, the more motivated the brain is. 

CONCLUSION There are many more ways in which you can engage your audience during a video conferencing meeting, develop ways that work for you and stick to it. The biggest problem with online meetings is keeping the attendees active and engaged. Conquer this challenge by applying the above tactics.

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