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What to Expect

Enjoyable video and audio communication
that is easy to use and navigate with no dull moment

Virtual Workspace

Power your business within a well secured environment for your clients and team meetings without stress

Chat System

Chat with colleagues, and share content and ideas. Keeping the conversation going by chatting directly to someone or to a cluster.

Live Stream

Make the most of your events by having them live streamed from Trivoh studio into various social media platforms.


Improve collaboration. Trivoh provides opportunities to integrate into other apps your team may need to thrive as a team.

Why Trivoh?

Easy to use platform that is affordable and accessible for everyone with great features to engage with colleagues, friends, and loved ones

Slide Easy To Use Collaborative Feature rich Extendable Secure Crystal Clear Audio Easy and flexible for anyone to use whilst also supporting hybrid working and collaboration. With our mobile and web app, join your Trivoh meetings from anywhere. Join the meeting fast without installation or downloads. WHY TRIVOH? No more juggling apps to apps; sketch out your ideas using whiteboard, In-app file sharing and chats allows you to collaborate across applications in one space. Increase engagement and share information with ease. Trivoh provides engagement data to meeting hosts based on expressions and tone of voice. Customize and integrate with other apps to fit your needs. Work and engage with your audience with confidence that all your information is protected. No Interruptions when you are on call within our meeting rooms. Enjoy crystal clear audio, share information with confidence. No more muffled sound.

Video communication made easy

Simple And Easy

Collaborate – Communicate – Engage


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How it works

Enjoyable video and audio communication
tools easy to use and navigate with no dull moment.

Create account to host a meeting

Sign up with your Name, Email address, and Password. Then check your email to verify your account. Once your account is verified, you will have full access to Trivoh workspace.

Setting up your meeting

To set-up and schedule a meeting, click on Host a meeting which will give you full control of the meeting you have created. Once your meeting is created share with your participants or add to your calendar.

Enter into your meeting room

It is not compulsory to have an account to Join a meeting on Trivoh, join any meetings using the meeting link or ID, insert your name, set-up your microphones and videos and you are ready for your meeting.

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What Our Users Say


Enjoyable video and audio communication
tools easy to use and navigate with no dull moment.

Why should I use Trivoh?

Enjoyable video, audio communication and collaboration tools easy to use and navigate with no dull moment.

Is Trivoh free?

Yes, our free plan is free to use, no payment required but there is a limit of 75 participants per call.

Will my meeting on Trivoh be private?

By default, a meeting cannot start untill the licensed host has logged in and in the meeting. We offer many other ways to secure your meetings. Lock your meeting with a password, etc

How many participants can join a Trivoh meeting?

By default, all our plans host up to 100 participants in each meeting.

Is Trivoh GDPR compliant?

Yes, you can read all about our GDPR compliant in our Privacy and Policy.

Where did Trivoh host its server?

Our servers are Hosted across Europe with the OVH Cloud Service

Do you need an account to join a meeting on Trivoh?

By default you do not need an account to join Trivoh meetings

Do you need an account to Host a meeting on Trivoh?

Yes, you need an account to Host every meetings on Trivoh for security purpose

Maintain physical connection virtually anywhere and everywhere

Easily connect to Trivoh Meetings and Conferences Via our Mobile app

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