We have all been in video conferences that feel like a drag. The person on the other end can barely be seen, and they are just droning on and on about something you don’t even care about. But with Trivoh, you can put an end to those dull moments. With our amazing features, you can make your video conferences more fun and engaging than ever before. From custom-made platforms to interactive tools, Trivoh has everything you need to make your meetings more enjoyable.


Trivoh is a video conferencing software that provides unusual experiences.

For years, video conferencing has been seen as a necessary evil that is dull, lifeless and often more trouble than it’s worth. Businesses have long been searching for a better way to meet with clients, colleagues and partners remotely. That all changed with the introduction of Trivoh!

Our video conferencing software injects fun and excitement into every meeting, making them more enjoyable and productive than ever before. With a wide range of features and tools specifically designed to improve collaboration, Trivoh is the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes.

Trivoh can kick out unwanted participants, lock in the room against gatecrashers and offer lots more!

Video conferencing has come a long way, and with Trivoh, it now has the potential to be downright fun. Here are some of the features that our platform offers:

· Ability to kick out unwanted participants.

· Ability to lock in the room against gate crashers.

· Mood detector AI to keep meetings on track.

· Agenda for meetings so everyone knows what to expect.

· Timed sessions so each person gets their due.

· Custom made platform for businesses etc.

Meeting agenda times every speaker to avoid time wastage. Mood and unavailability can be detected, and an alternative during breaks is provided.

Trivoh is designed to make video conferencing feel like a physical meeting. We have a range of options that help to keep the meeting on track and eliminate weariness. For example, our intelligent agenda will time every speaker, ensuring that no one talks for too long and wasting everyone’s time. Our mood detection feature also measures the tone and emotions of the meeting, so that if someone is feeling unwell or unavailable, the meeting can be paused or rescheduled. To keep things fun, we have integrated breakout rooms with movies and music, so that users can take breaks without having to leave the meeting. Trivoh is the perfect solution for businesses looking to take their video conferencing to the next level.

Distance is not a barrier – Trivoh can be used to watch movies and listen to music with friends and family. A virtual DJ is available for your events and you can play games with distant acquaintances.

We believe that video conferencing can be fun. In fact, we have incorporated features into our software that make it so. For starters, you can watch movies and listen to music together with friends and family who aren’t even in the same room as you. Plus, we let you select your virtual DJ for your events, so you can have the perfect soundtrack for your chats. And if that’s not enough, you can also play games with distant acquaintances—trust us, the possibilities are endless! 

Trivoh is a secured software. The boredom and loneliness management mood detector plus meeting reminders are part of the package too.

As a video conferencing software, Trivoh offers a secure platform that can help manage the influx and efflux of people in a meeting. It also has features that help with boredom and loneliness management by detecting the mood of the users and having timed sessions in meetings. It can also send meeting reminders to participants to ensure that everyone is on time for the meeting.


Trivoh is a video conferencing software that is designed with you in mind. With its cool features your meetings will become more enjoyable. These features include the ability to kick out unwanted participants, lock in the room against gate crashers, detect mood and unavailability, set agenda for timed sessions and offer a virtual DJ.

You can also use Trivoh to watch movies, and listen to music with friends and family who are not living close by. It comes with a security feature that helps to control the influx and efflux of meetings and does so much more. 

Try Trivoh today and experience video conferencing like never before!