Hybrid work model is a location-flexible arrangement that allows people combine on-site and off-site work together. It is a new approach to work that blends elements of traditional office-based work with remote work.

It gives professionals increased flexibility around their work patterns. A hybrid work arrangement means establishing a different relation with the office environment, and redefining the workplace as an ecosystem of networked workers, rather than one specific location. A hybrid workforce has the flexibility to work from home or any remote location for part of their workweek and come into the office for the rest of the workweek.

Below are some advantages and benefits to working hybrid with Trivoh.

  • Increased productivity.

Hybrid work allows employees to focus on the most important tasks without distractions and disruptions from office chatter or lengthy commutes and this make employees get more work done in a day. It also allows employees access to resources they might not otherwise have at home, such as specialized equipment or software programs. 

  • Flexibility.

In a hybrid setup, flexible hours and a refreshing change of environment can increase an employee’s focus, especially on their own task. When your workers have more flexibility where they work, they are more likely to balance their workloads, take ownership, and concentrate harder on their work. They also get to create a work schedule that is most conducive for them and finding the time of the day when they are most productive, a flexible schedule makes it easier to give time to other activities outside work.

  • Improve mental health.

While work and life may rarely be in perfect balance, work-life fit is a vital aspect of any healthy working environment. Hybrid work enables each employee to fit their work and life together in a way that works for them. This reduces stress and helps prevent burnout. Working alone without any physical human interaction sometime affects employees’ mental state. Therefore, it is important to create opportunities that optimize communication and foster mental well-being. This will also strengthen the connections that make team thrive.

  • Better collaboration and Work relationship.

Virtual meetings can play a great role in hybrid work. Hybrid work calls for companies to undergo digital transformation to unite, engage, and support distributed teams. Employees no longer need to be in the same room to brainstorm and work together, they can always do that with a call from their comfort zones. They can communicate and collaborate from any location with the adoption of modern technology tools such as TRIVOH.

Online video communication with colleagues laptop screen in the office

TRIVOH app makes hybrid work easy, you can conveniently use it to work from any location, either at work or from home. It gives you access to work on projects with co-employees comfortably. Get the App today on your mobile device or on your laptop/desktop and start working without stress.

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