Our Company

Trivoh is a video and audio communication solution by Triumphant Communications limited, providing a virtual conferencing environment that is flexible for work, business, conferences and meetings.

Your Partner for
Software Innovation.

We highly focus on tech, creative and innovative solutions
We are bespoke design and tech savvy company in the city of London, United Kingdom, providing an end to end solution for businesses across the globe

Our Story

Trivoh is so much more than just a video and audio communication platform, we’re a team of customer-obsessed, mission-oriented people who believe anything is possible.

Meet our leadership team

Trivoh is a product of Triumphant Communications Limited developed in 2020 during the pandemic to help bridge the communication gap within communities and businesses, to create an easy and secure communication platform for anyone to use. With their Experts, the company turned their vision of creating simple communication platform for everyone into a product that is used by Individuals to businesses.

Our Values

A brand you can 100% rely on










Breaking barriers and maintaining physical connection virtually.

Provide a video and audio communication that is easy and flexible for anyone to use
Enjoyable, efficient and secure virtual environment
Connecting people around the world to jobs, professionals, friends and families

Education, Communication, Entertainment, Legal, Non governmental organizations, Businesses and Religions Organization


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